Who We Are

CV Outreach is a product of CV.  The vision of CV is to Touch a Billion people with the Gospel, and encourage them to become true followers of Jesus.

Google Partner

CV North America is a Google Partner organization.

Kingdom Minded

Our goal is to help churches around the world present the Gospel of Jesus.

Analytic Driven

CV Outreach partners have access to custom analytics and outreach data.

100% Free

Our services are totally free.

Our Story

CV has a long history of running targeted ad campaigns to people who are looking for answers to life’s toughest questions online. It has always been a goal to engage non-Christians with the gospel in the most effective way possible.  The CV Outreach program was born from the idea of resourcing churches by using our PPC outreach strategies through their website.

This program is an amazing way to effectively share the gospel from your church or ministry website.  I love it!

Matt Brown

Evangelist, ThinkE.org

Most organizations are struggling to reach this generation. They are concerned that millennials are obsessed with social media and connecting online. In the same way that Paul went to Mars Hill to proclaim the gospel, because that’s where the people were, Christian Vision has taken the gospel online, because that where this generation is. Billy Graham said, “The methods always change. But the message doesn’t.” This is why I am thankful for Christian Vision.

Grant Skeldon

Initiative Network

Pastor Richard Vernon

Lakeside Church, Southport, UK