Get Access to our Video Content, Unbranded Images, and Social Outreach Strategies

The CV Content Vault

We all know that content is the name of the game on social media, and in 2017 video is king.  Through the Social Partners Program, we provide your church with access to our entire Content Vault.  Our video content is tailor made to help start Gospel conversations.  Whether it’s an inspiring mini-documentary, an animated think-piece, or a powerful testimony, our video content can help your church’s Facebook presence appeal to not only your congregation, but also the Seekers in your social network.

Free, Unbranded Images

As a CV Outreach Social Partner you get free, unbranded images that are formatted for social media.  Each weekly email contains at least one image for every day, and we’ll also send out special campaigns with batches of topical images during seasonal events or holidays.  All images are downloadable, and you are free to add your church logo or watermark.

Get Actionable Strategies

Fostering a growing and engaged social media community can take a lot of time.  Our social media strategies and “done for you” campaigns will help you save loads of time on coming up with quality social media campaign ideas.  We’ll also provide you with roadmaps, strategies, and training to keep you at the forefront of the social media world.

What Is Included With the Social Partners Program?

Did we mention that the Social Partners program is completely FREE?


Our CV Content Vault and custom graphic images will add valuable content to your social media calendar.


Our data-driven reports will help you understand what types of content people are engaging with on social media.


You’ll get access to strategies and training to help you elevate your social media game, and connect your church with more people.


A win for you is a win for us. We have dedicated account reps ready to answer the phone and talk you through any question that you might have.