How It Works

At CV, we know that it would be almost impossible to share the Gospel with 1 billion people alone, so we like to partner with local churches who love Jesus and want to share Him with others.

The main goal of CV Outreach is to connect non-Christians with the church. We accomplish this alongside churches who are registered non-profits and own their church domain/URL.

We help churches access the potential $10,000/month of in-kind advertising offered by the Google for Non-Profits program while building a landing page for your existing website. After that we direct all ad traffic towards the Gospel Landing Page and your church’s ministry has the opportunity to connect with non-Christians.

We require that you designate a member of your staff who is willing and able to respond to questions about the Gospel presentation that has been viewed. We also require that the responder agrees with our statement of faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

As a part of the Google for Non-Profits program Google offers up to $10,000 in ad credit per month to qualifying organizations. CV Outreach, being a service of CV, exists to present the Gospel and connect seekers to the church. CV Outreach places a Gospel presentation landing page on your church’s website and directs all ad traffic towards that page.

Where do I start?

Steps to becoming a member of CV Outreach

  • 501c(3) tax exempt status.
  • Domain/URL ownership and functioning website.
  • Register yourself, and your organization with
    • Use your tax-exempt EIN
    • Newly registered organizations with TechSoup may need to provide proof of tax exemption via an IRS Letter of Determination. If said letter is older than 60days, TechSoup may require an IRS Letter of Affirmation. Both can be requested by calling (877) 829-5500
  • Supply your TechSoup Association Code and EIN to
    • Organizations previously qualified with TechSoup provide your validation token to
Where is the Gospel Landing Page Built?

It’s hosted on your website. Typically, the form of the address will be

Where does Google's $10k go?

The Google Ad Grants program works like this. “If you’re a qualifying nonprofit, you’ll receive $10,000 USD in in-kind AdWords advertising every month.” This means that you are allotted up to $10k/month, as long as you are able to optimize your keywords and site traffic to fully access this resource.

Can’t I just do this myself?

Yes you can. Many churches we’ve been in contact with who have previously utilized the Google Grants program have not been able to spend the time necessary to optimize on a regular basis in order to fully spend the funds offered. CV Outreach uses the lessons learned from years of optimizing this type of PPC campaign to spend as much of the Google Grant funds as possible.

What Does the Gospel Landing Page Look Like?

We have built two examples to help give you an idea of what your page could look like. 

Example 1

Example 2

Is There a Required Commitment?

We expect a member of your pastoral staff to engage with each person who contacts your church through the Gospel Landing Page.

We require that you are in agreement with our statement of faith.

If at any point you realize this isn’t a good fit, leaving the program is as easy as letting us know.

Can I look at the keywords?

Everything we do, we do with an ‘open hand’ .  So, we’re happy to share with you our current set of keywords. However, due to constant optimization, we cannot guarantee those keywords will stay static very long.

How Much Does this Cost?

CV Outreach is 100% forever free.  CV is a self-funded non-profit.

What about Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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